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The Dave Walker Colouring Book

Canterbury Press £7.99 48 pages ISBN 978-1848258976

Anyone knowing, worshipping in, or working in the Church of England (and plenty who don’t) know about the wonderfully witty cartoons of Dave Walker, either via his Church Times cartoon, or several collections that have been issued in recent years.

He has the knack of putting his finger on the eccentricities and peculiarities of the Anglican Church, and its local church expressions, but doing it with such affection and love that few could possibly be offended - even when there are some genuine points to be addressed.

So it’s a joy to find an A4 size colouring book that gives the reader the chance to enjoy the fun and have a bit of therapeutic colouring in. You’ll find many favourites here with more than 40 cartoons covering everything from the contents of the verger’s cupboard to the joyful anarchy of the toddler group, what people really think about during intercessions, and a glimpse inside a clerical outfitters.

Buy two copies – one for you, and one for a friend.

Russ Bravo

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