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Dave Smith - Transformed Living: Living Out your Life Ephesians 4-6

CWR 188 pages £6.99 ISBN 978 1 78259 587 8

Transformed Living is part two of a step by step guide through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. Dave Smith builds on the foundation of his first book Transformed Life, focusing on identity, belonging and purpose by helping the reader:  

  • Stand strong in their identity
  • Know where they belong
  • Live out their purpose

This part takes the reader through Ephesians Chapter 4-6 in 50 brief daily sections.  These bite-sized portions are a stimulating mix of anecdotes, reflection on the text, personal application and questions.  The author doesn’t get bogged down in all the details of Paul’s letter but manages to paint the big picture of what it means to live out the gospel in daily life.

This well-produced book is a very useful resource as a personal devotional guide and as material for small group studies.  As a back-up to this printed resource there are also a variety of free online materials to take the reader further (

This is a resource that is informative, inspirational and highly practical. Like Paul’s letters it is designed to help Christians, and the church to which they belong grow in faith, wisdom, maturity, love, and usefulness to Jesus.

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