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William Edgar - Created and Creating: A biblical theology of culture

IVP 262 pages Price £14.99 ISBN 978 1 78359 548 8

“The alert reader will have noticed the dearth of applications in this book.” 

The author’s candid admission at the end of this book is a warning not to turn to this book as a guide to understanding the details of modern culture. Instead, Edgar provides a rich biblical substructure for thinking in detail about the relationship between Christianity and Culture.

Some readers might feel that there is too much theory, especially in the exploration of the finer distinctions of common grace thinking among Reformed theologians. Yet, any pastor or thoughtful Christian would find so much to enrich their thinking in this book.

Edgar skilfully traces a path through scripture from the cultural mandate of Genesis 1 to the Great Commission of Matthew 28, and onto the renewed creation of Revelation 21. In doing this he lays a good foundation for thinking about our attitude to culture, scattered with embryonic hints concerning what we do with it. 

John Woods

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