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Krish Kandiah - God is Stranger: What Happens when God turns up?

Hodder and Stoughton 334 pages £13.99 ISBN 978 1 473 64890 6

This book imaginatively explores the strange ways that God works in the lives of a variety of biblical characters. Sometimes God can reveal himself to us as a mysterious stranger, hidden in plain sight, in order that we can see him more clearly when he makes himself know to us.

The author manages to weave biblical narrative, crisp theological insight, well-told stories and penetrating applications into 12 readable chapters.

The book journeys through some familiar Bible stories, managing to challenge a few assumptions and suggest a few new angles on how people can see their faith stretched and developed.

We are all used to the idea of moving outside our comfort zones, although I suspect that this often means moving into a slightly less comfortable comfort zone. This book will not let us off the hook quite so easily.

The biggest challenge for me was the nudge given to be more intentional in my willingness to reach out and receive the stranger who is my Heavenly Father, and the stranger that he brings to me when I encounter vulnerable people.

Recommended to anyone who wants to look beneath the surface of what it means to know God and live for him in a messy world set for transformation.

John Woods

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