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World Lullabies - Justine Wheeler - Louise Raven

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There is something immensely powerful about the human voice when used unaccompanied by any other instrument – a capella. And one of the most instinctive uses of the human voice is mothers singing their baby to sleep.

So when singers Justine Wheeler and Louise Raven were hooked by a combination of the spellbinding appeal of a capella and the tender nature of mother and child bonding, before they knew it they were off on what turned into a four-year international adventure, sourcing rare traditional lullabies from around the world.

This CD features lullabies learned by ear and passed down in 15 countries around the world, ranging from Ghana, Indonesia and India to Norway, Iceland and New Zealand. There is an intimacy and beauty about the melodies, and the harmonies the pair weave around each tune. And the CD pack includes lyric translations, showing the breadth and variety from different cultures, some telling a story, others drawing on local myth and folk tales.

A lovely gift for any parent of young babies and children – and lovers of world music.


Russ Bravo

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