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Tenth Avenue North - The Struggle

With a title like this, it’s a little ironic that I actually found the album a bit of a challenge to start with. The more I listened though, the more this it grew on me.

Tenth Avenue North are a contemporary Christian pop/rock outfit from West Palm Beach in Florida and this is their third album. Lead vocalist Mike Donehey says: “Our desire for The Struggle is that listeners will walk away with these two truths ringing in their ears and burning in their hearts: we are free to fail because there’s an ocean of grace that we fall into, but also, we have the promise of a power so strong that it raised Christ himself. So we know that, mystery of mysteries, we’re also not struggling to be free.”

The album clearly covers these themes and the lyrics are clear and to the point. Repeated listens usually unearth the treasures for me, and The Struggle certainly rewards persistence! The cover design is also interesting: it’s Rembrandt’s Storm on the Sea of Galilee and features 14 people instead of the expected 13 (Jesus and the 12 disciples). It is believed that Rembrandt added himself to show that Biblical events apply to us all …

Well worth a listen.

8/10                                                                                          CLICK HERE TO BUY

Stuart Dearsley is Head of Customer Services/HR at CPO

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