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Hawk Nelson - Made (Authentic)

Canadian rock outfit Hawk Nelson have gone through a few lineup changes since their debut album Letters to the President back in 2004, and the band comprise a three-piece these days of Jonathan Steingard (guitar, lead vocal), Daniel Biro (bass, backing vocal) and Justin Benner (drums).

Their sixth album Made follows familiar territory with the three opening rock/pop songs, strong on riffs and air-punching choruses, so it's a refreshing change when Elevator delivers a danceable stab of electro pop with a rap middle delivered by Bianca of Group 1 Crew.

Every Beat of My Broken Heart is a thoughtful mid tempo song honestly admitting God is often found in the toughest times, even when we don't understand what's going on. It's a consistent theme in other songs, too – hanging on to God when life's a struggle. And it makes for a lyrically intelligent album with a little more depth than many stadium-pleaser CCM efforts these days.


Russ Bravo

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