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VeggieTales - The League of Incredible Vegetables (DVD)

VeggieTales have been around for years (this is episode 48!) and it seemed the only sensible way I could get an informed opinion on their latest DVD was to take it to an appropriate viewing audience – my four children aged between 2 and 11. All four thoroughly enjoyed it with the two little ones particularly captivated. I have to say also that I found it very enjoyable and it is one that bears repeated viewings. Imagine James Bond meets Mission Impossible meets Batman and you’re getting close.

It’s the story of the vegetables’ attempts to stop villain Dr Flurry and his evil assistants (three penguins) from freezing the town of Bumblyburg in fear. It’s the second VeggieTales episode looking at the area of fear following Where's God When I'm S-Scared?. The soundtrack is provided by The Newsboys and the DVD has a host of bonus material.


Well worth your money!

Stuart Dearsley

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