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This is Awesome Cutlery

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Fresh on the family worship scene is this fun offering of 12 songs and six sketches from Gareth Loh and Dan Adams, in collaboration with the musical talents of Dan and Will Weeks.

Billed as “an album full of big bible truths to help families and churches know Jesus better, love him more and worship him with every part of their lives”, it’s a cracking combination of bouncy, singable tunes, thoughtful Bible-based lyrics and a healthy streak of very silly humour.

Central to the concept of the album are two super(wish) heroes Captain Awesome and Cutlery Boy, who largely populate the often daft sketches that pepper the track listing. Whether these characters could be developed into something more durable remains to be seen but kids will find them fun. Not all the sketches work but enough hit the mark to make them worthwhile.

Musically, it presses all the buttons for me: a mix of fast paced, punchy melodic power pop with a new wave edge, some slower hip hop tinged stuff and the occasional more mid-paced worship material. Lyrics always have something to teach, and try to wrap biblical teaching in simple language. Some are just fun and silly (God Made Everything) while others find creative ways of communicating a truth (see It’s A Light And A Hammer, for a song about the Bible that does the job memorably).

Lead sheets and lyric videos are available at

Very much looking forward to hearing more from the Awesome Cutlery boys.

Russ Bravo

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