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The Wrath of the Titans (12A)

I’m going to cut straight to the chase for Wrath, it’s a film that isn’t just bad from a cinematic standpoint but is one that’s offensive not just to Christianity but to anyone with any kind of faith. The things the movie does are inexcusable and at times simply malicious without reason.

From a cinematic perspective, the directing is sloppy, the story is stupid, the acting is at times pointless and the script lacking. I’ve now seen both the Titans films and combining both together it has featured just one true Titan in it. The rest are simply Greek mythological creatures, like the Minotaur. And considering they are supposed to be the most feared beings possible, they are all quickly and easily disposed of by Perseus.

If this was the only problem with Wrath I would have forgiven it and moved on, but then the film just had to push the bar a little too far. For those of you who don’t know, Wrath is the sequel to the remake of Clash Of The Titans. With Clash I mentioned that one of its main drawbacks is that its central message seems to be that we don’t need God and we are our own gods now.

Wrath’s message is that “God is dead, there is no God, and if there was, he is destructive anyway”. There is a sequence where a character prays to one of the gods – Aries – and he comes down and murders her for doing it. This is a film that says 'prayer is wrong'.

There's nothing more to say. Avoid at all costs and pray for the writers, director and cast.


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