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Pirates! Adventures with Scientists (U)

It’s surprising to me how popular the pirates genre is currently, always has been – and how far we have come since Blackbeard’s Ghost. I suppose the real question is should this new picture from Ardman be a treasure to behold or thrown to Davey Jones' locker?

There is something altogether charming about Pirates! There is something oddly enduring to it, which somehow makes the movie simultaneously appeal to adults and children alike. I don’t think it’s the animation that does it, I mean A Nightmare Before Christmas was stop animation, that didn’t appeal and so was Coraline, and that was just … creepy. But there is something about Ardman’s work that sets them apart.

Maybe it’s the attention to detail that Ardman always do that makes it work so well. I’ve seen Pirates! twice now and I know there is still stuff I’ve missed, as it's a film that just gets better every time you see it. That’s a rare thing in cinema today, but it holds true.

I almost don’t want to say too much about the plot or script or jokes because I think the real joy is finding them out for yourself, but notable mentions go to the pirates' quick change, the Captain's opening speech and the ManpanZee who never gets old.

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to enjoy Pirates! It’s a great family film that’s better than all four of the Caribbean efforts put together.


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