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The Hunger Games (12A)

You may already have judged The Hunger Games on its press coverage, with the controversy about the violence leading the way – but hold those preconceptions for a moment and hear me out.

Like it or not The Hunger Games is an important film, and worth seeing. I know the film is dressed up a lot, but deep down it asks only one question of us: “If this was on TV, would you watch it?” and the horrifying truth is that we would. Not all of us, maybe, but most of us, and the books were written because author Suzanne Collins suggests we could be so desensitised to violence that it could become a reality TV show.

I know we have seen riffs on this before, but it’s never been portrayed quite so succinctly and poignantly as in The Hunger Games.

As far as the violence is concerned, I honestly believe we are outraged because it is children who are the victims, since the gore itself isn’t dwelled upon or even graphically shown. I have personally seen much worse in many, many films, even recent ones.

Personally, I liked The Hunger Games, I liked the books and I enjoyed the film. I understand it’s not for everyone and that some people will feel compelled to judge it without watching, but that doesn’t make its central message any less important.


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