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The Dark Knight Rises (12A)

It’s without doubt one of the biggest films of the year. It’s a film that has left controversy and tragedy in its wake, and it’s been out less than a week. The real question is will The Dark Knight Rises be the movie we deserve or the one we needed?

Batman is a legend; he has a cult following, me included. A character who speaks to all of us, Batman is in my view the greatest superhero of them all. Why? He is moral. It’s that simple.

He refuses to murder anyone, no matter how bad they are, no matter what evil they unleash, he believes everyone has the right to live. That’s a good starting point before we begin; but it’s more than that. Batman for me is about so much more than just a single idea, but I’m not here to review the character but the final movie in the trilogy.

So I’ll just come right out and say it: The Dark Knight Rises is incredible and everyone should see it. I know many of you will have doubts because of how graphic The Dark Knight was, but in The Dark Knight Rises the violence is  pulled back considerably. This is mostly because it's a film more about Bruce Wayne than The Dark Knight – more of a high budget art house thriller that just happens to be based in a comic book world. This is not a comic book film.

I’m not saying there isn’t any violence at all in The Dark Knight Rises, but it’s so much more subtle than its predecessor. For example (SPOILER WARNING) while one guard speaks to Bane, he kills another off screen. We know he is doing it but it’s not shown. Bane is true evil and works perfectly to end the series; he has the ruthlessness of Ra's Al Ghul, the insanity of The Joker and the dedication to his cause of Harvey Dent. He is a man who is quicker and better than Batman, and it shows.

In these few words I could never do The Dark Knight Rises justice, so I will say it’s 12 and up friendly, it’s stays with the darker formula of the other two movies, and has the greatest ending I’ve ever seen to any film.

Watch it. Watch it. Then watch it again.


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