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Sully: Miracle on The Hudson (12A)

Warner Brothers directed by Clint Eastwood (96 minutes)

This is not a film to watch before, or during a flight! Sully, played by the evergreen Tom Hanks, is also based on a true story. The film shows his plane seconds after take-off from La Guardia Airport in New York, having both its engines disabled by a flock of birds.

Sully manages to land the plane on the Hudson River, with no loss of life. The film relates how the pilot’s actions were scrutinised by the Civil Aviation Authority, who seemed to want someone to blame.

In an age dependent on technological gadgetry, this film celebrates the human touch. “Behind every hero is an ordinary man”. Maybe that is something to remember as we celebrate the coming of the “Man who was God”.

John Woods is pastor of Lancing Tabernacle, West Sussex

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