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CPO is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

For over half a century, CPO has stood alongside churches and Christian organisations to help them reach those beyond their doors. The Church is currently being required to preach God’s message to our nation in new ways. At CPO, we believe that this is sowing the seeds of a huge new opportunity: to embrace a church beyond walls. Communications will play a foundational role in that. We’ve collaborated on a resource to support you as you adapt to this new landscape – Please also sign up to our Reach email if you haven’t already, so we can let you know when we are up and running again.


Directed by Garth David
Starring Dev Patel, Roony Mara, David Wenhamand and Nicole Kidman
118 Minutes

Apparently, when the actor Dev Patel heard about the book A Long Way Home, he made his way to the author and asked if he could play the leading role of Saroo in the film. The author, the real Saroo Brierley said that he hadn’t written the screenplay yet. 

Seeing the film, it is obvious why Patel was so was so enthusiastic about the role: it was made for him. Having read the book, I wondered how the film would manage to stretch the simple story over the whole length of a feature film. The answer is that the director has done an excellent job of communicating the tension of this “lost and found” story. Much of the story in the book is taken up with the inner thoughts of the main character and multiple flashback to the events that led to him being lost in the first place.

The film is a useful vehicle for exploring why people are keen to discover their true identifies; uncertainty about our past can make it difficult for us to move on in the present, and be ready for what the future might have for us.

Lion also tackles the complexity of dealing with lost and displaced children in India.  Highly recommended as a moving story with a variety of thought-provoking twists.

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