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Wirral explosion: Christian actor and family escape blast

A Wirral-based Christian actor has described the moment a massive explosion saw a building collapse five doors down in their street ...

Two people were seriously hurt and 31 others injured when several buildings collapsed in the blast in Bebington on the Wirral.

Christian actor Christopher Power (48) (editor's note: video features different resident. Christopher is pictured below) explains what happened:

"I am still in shock five days on but managed to do BBC and ITV interviews. On Saturday at 9.15 in the evening an explosion blew buildings and houses apart in New Ferry Wirral.

"We are in A Port Sunlight house five doors away from the blast and I was in the living room at the time. All of a sudden there was a huge explosion and my front window blew in. Our cat ran from the room followed by myself.

"In shock, I ran outside and could hear people screaming and crying. I thought it was a bomb. People were pointing to a huge building that had collapsed. It use to be a dance school which was on top of a furniture shop. The dancers had been there a few hours before.

"I ran back in and knew that the best thing to do was phone for help and I knew that I needed prayer. There were people knocking at my door to see if I was OK. I was totally in shock. I was panicking but managed to phone our vicar from church.

"I was then told to grab what I could which was my coat and phone, and I walked out of the front door to something out of a disaster film. It reminded me of a terrorist attack. I was shaking and in shock. The phone rang and it was the vicar who told me that they were praying for us. I then slumped on the floor next to a lamp post. 

"I tried to phone my son and wife and was relieved to speak to them but it was some time later when we were reunited. It was very emotional. A local church had set up an emergency hub for everyone. It was a great joy to see a community come together.

"God had his hand on me because if I had got off the sofa a few moments  earlier then I would of been in a serious way. What followed was God's intervention. He provided my family with emergency shelter which was my mum's house and then my wife's sister.

"On the third day we were blessed with a house to stay in whilst we we waiting to go back in to our house. This belongs to some Christian friends. On the night of the blast I'd had to leave everything in the house including clothing and just had my nightwear on.

"Our cat went missing but thank God four days later we found him. I remember saying to my wife and boy that we needed to trust God, which to be honest during this terrible night was difficult. We are now looking to God to provide and help us rebuild our lives."

Video: Liverpool Echo
Photo: BBC

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