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Making God's love visible

God is on the move and transforming the lives of the desperate, broken and persecuted, reports SAT-7 ...

God is on the move and transforming the lives of the desperate, broken and persecuted, reports SAT-7

Across the Middle East and North Africa the cry is deafening. We see and hear it in the news every day. It’s the devastating cry of tens of millions of desperate people.

Conflict rages in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen. Millions are fleeing. Lives are being torn apart by oppression, barbaric extremism and religious persecution.

Frightened children are crying out for peace. Women are crying out for value. Angry young men are crying out for meaning. Persecuted Christians are crying out for the strength to face each day.

“Hear my prayer, Lord, listen to my cry for help; do not be deaf to my weeping,” says Psalm 39:12.
But God is on the move, appearing to people in dreams, challenging lifelong preconceptions, healing brokenness and transforming lives.

When just 11 years old, Emira’s* family forced her to marry. By her 15th birthday she had two children. Her husband was a drug addict who forced her into prostitution to fund his habit.

“Being a woman in my world hurt so much,” she said. Over the next 14 years Elmira became HIV positive and lived as a virtual slave.

Broken and depressed, Elmira discovered SAT-7 television. Based in the Middle East and broadcasting programmes in Arabic, Turkish and Farsi, SAT-7 seeks to make the Good News visible, accessible and relevant to more than 500 million people living across the region.

Watching SAT-7 changed Elmira’s life. “I watched your programmes and learned that God loves me,” she said.

Knowing God’s love brought her healing. She gave her life to Christ and through SAT-7’s contacts, began attending a secret church.

“I know whatever we have right now is because of your prayers. I pray God blesses you beyond imagination in your lives for all you have done for us.”                    A SAT-7 viewer from Iran

*Name changed, image for illustrative purposes

+Watch Elmira’s true story today at

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