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Mixed media art installation for your church?

Have you ever wondered how you can bring the beauty of the Bible to life in your local area? Creation: A Celebration could be the answer ...

Have you ever wondered how you can bring the beauty of the Bible to life in your local area? Creation: A Celebration could be the answer.

It’s a mesmerising mixed-media art installation which you can host – providing you with everything you need to run a high quality Biblical art exhibition.

About the work

The 42 breathtaking panels of embroidery, painting and mixed-media are a luminescent piece of storytelling which took two years to complete. The art is based on Genesis 1-2, and is rich in detail, vitality and is even humorous – helping viewers to reconnect with the natural world through a blend of historic and contemporary artistry.

The work, by artist Sue Symons, was completed in the summer of 2009, and was displayed at Bath Abbey alongside the Bath Diptychs. Creation: A Celebration is now able to be displayed around the country as a celebration of the crossover between art, the Bible and – of course – creation.

Key facts

    •    The 42 panels are in 22 frames, and extend over nearly 50 feet in total
    •    Creation: A Celebration took two years to create by hand
    •    The panels have been framed and made available for exhibition thanks to the donation of a generous benefactor
    •    There is an accompanying book to the exhibition, published by Shepheard-Walwyn, which is available to buy from the Bible Society Online Shop

To host Creation: A Celebration

1 Team up with a local public building – like a library, school, museum or perhaps a stately home – any location where the art can be displayed to bring the beauty of the Bible to life for the local community.
2 Exhibit the art and host a variety of activities and promotional pieces around the exhibition.
3 Stock postcards and copies of the book Creation to sell alongside the artwork as a reminder of the exhibition and to support the artists – proceeds from sales will contribute to the development of the artist's next piece of work.

Next steps

If you’re interested in booking Creation: A Celebration, email the team at Alternatively call 01793 418222, and ask for Matthew or Elaine from the Creation Arts team.

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