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How I ended up acting out the Bible at my children's school

Katie Kyle explains how an offer to get involved with her children’s school led to a thriving ministry acting out Bible stories …

Katie Kyle explains how an offer to get involved with her children’s school led to a thriving ministry acting out Bible stories …

Have you ever wanted to dress in biblical costume and act out a Bible story in a primary school assembly?! 

I can’t claim to have ever had the urge myself.  It certainly wasn’t what I was offering to do when I went into my children’s school, offering to run a lunch-time prayer group, and emerged as co-leader of their new ‘Open the Book’ venture. 

That was four years ago and I’m still acting out Bible stories several times a term! I have no acting credentials, I used to hide in the toilets during my own schooldays when the teacher insisted we pretend to be a tree. And the only biblical wardrobe I possessed comprised of a few 1970s kaftans my Mum handed onto me for the children. 

My point is: anyone can do ‘Open the Book’!

If you’ve never heard of it, Open the Book is a Bible Society project which encourages people in a school’s local community to come together and perform Bible stories during the school’s collective worship. The idea is to bring the Bible to life for the children.

Each presentation takes no more than 10 minutes, all the written material is available through the Bible Society, and the costumes and props are brought in by the participants. None of it needs to be elaborate (we’ve had a blue shawl serve as Lake Galilee) and you don’t need many adults, as the children can do the simpler parts. To save on rehearsal time, we meet before the performance to practice so it’s just one date in people’s diary.

Through Open the Book I’ve discovered a passion for sharing the Bible. The children always seem genuinely interested in our performances, often asking when we are next coming back, and I’m amazed at how much they can remember terms later. 

Those afternoons have also provided some of the best giggles I’ve ever had.  I probably shouldn’t have found it so funny when Goliath acted out the battle scene so well he actually did himself an injury, or the time the disciples couldn’t row their boat (a school bench) quickly enough to keep up with the narrator. 

If you sense God calling you to tread the boards, find out more at You won’t regret it, you may well enjoy it and you’ll have invested in the next generation’s understanding of the Bible in a unique way!

PHOTOS: Katie and her family in typical Bible story costumes …

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