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Big screen epic: Ben-Hur arrives 7 September

Here are three reasons to get inspired by the new film, says Damaris Media …

Here are three reasons to get inspired by the new film, says Damaris Media …

It’s a classic story

Ben-Hur is the story of a Jewish prince called Judah Ben-Hur (Jack Huston), who lives a life of wealth and comfort in first century Jerusalem. But then he’s betrayed by his best friend Messala (Toby Kebbell), falsely accused of treason, and sold into slavery. After years at sea he returns to his homeland to seek revenge – but he might just find redemption instead.

There’s a reason why this story has been so popular ever since the book was first published in 1880. "The emotional themes of vengeance versus forgiveness are timeless," says the new film’s producer, Sean Daniel. "The conflicts the characters experience are as relatable today as they were in Roman times or 1880. It’s human nature, and that doesn’t change."

It’s an action epic

If you enjoy spectacular visuals and thrilling action sequences, you won’t be disappointed. As well as recreating the world of ancient Jerusalem in stunning and immersive detail, Ben-Hur offers adventure in spades. From horseback stunts to swordfighting and a nail-biting chariot race that will have you on the edge of your seat, the film grips from start to finish.

It comes down to faith and forgiveness

Few blockbuster films have a heartfelt message to go with the action and excitement. But as Judah wrestles with the controversial teachings of a preacher named Jesus (Rodrigo Santoro), struggling to choose hope over hatred, Ben-Hur touches on some profound spiritual ideas. The story will leave you inspired by the power of faith and forgiveness. What more could you ask from a trip to the cinema?

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