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'Run Baby Run' author Nicky Cruz to speak in London

Former New York city gang leader Nicky Cruz will be coming to London to headline an awareness event on the scale and effects of child sexual abuse in the UK ...

Former New York city gang leader Nicky Cruz will be coming to London to headline an awareness event on the scale and effects of child sexual abuse in the UK.

The event to be held on Saturday 27 August in Walthamstow, East London, is the second annual awareness event organised by the charity, Transformation Powerhouse, which supports victims of child sex abuse and campaigns to end sexual abuse.

‘A Child Is Crying’ is an awareness event which aims to break the silence about the scale and effects of sexual abuse in the UK. In support of this cause, Nicky Cruz will speak, headlining several performances from local musicians as well as a drama re-enactment of the experiences of a sexual abuse survivor.

Nicky Cruz is the best-selling author of 17 books, including the all-time Christian classic, Run, Baby, Run, published in 1968 and translated into more than 40 languages worldwide. A full-length Hollywood feature film based on Nicky’s life called A Thousand Pieces is currently in pre-production, screenplay written by Gregory Anderson (Stomp the Yard).
Nicky’s parents were heavily involved in witchcraft and spiritualism, and as such, Nicky was the victim of repeated physical abuse and rejection at their hands. Fearless and seemingly immune to physical pain, Nicky rose through the ranks of the notorious Mau Mau gang in Fort Greene, Brooklyn to become their War Lord.
Despite this, for the past 50+ years, Nicky has been travelling around the world reaching tens of millions of people who are desperate to find hope. His life story has been told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade, and in the movie by the same title, which starred Pat Boone and Erik Estrada.
In 2015, the then British Prime Minister classified child sexual abuse as a national threat, which is equivalent to terrorism and organised crime[1].

Transformation Powerhouse launched a campaign called ‘A Child Is Crying’, which seeks to collect 1 million signatures in support of the fight against sexual abuse. The campaign highlights the current failures in the UK legal system to protect children and a clear programme of action that could stop child sexual abuse under the three themes of provision, prosecution, and prevention.

Gee Patchett, Director of Transformation Powerhouse says “Child sexual abuse is often the root cause for women suffering severe depression, abusing alcohol, becoming a prostitute, or self-harming.

"The secrecy and silence surrounding sexual abuse destroys families, scars children, and undermines communities. This is why we are seeking to prevent, recognise, and report child sexual abuse. The ultimate goal of 'A Child is crying' is to mobilise the public to join us in this campaign to stop child sexual abuse – we can all play a part and stop it.”

Doors open at 6.30pm. Admission is free and tickets are available from Eventbrite.

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