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For over half a century, CPO has stood alongside churches and Christian organisations to help them reach those beyond their doors. The Church is currently being required to preach God’s message to our nation in new ways. At CPO, we believe that this is sowing the seeds of a huge new opportunity: to embrace a church beyond walls. Communications will play a foundational role in that. We’ve collaborated on a resource to support you as you adapt to this new landscape – Please also sign up to our Reach email if you haven’t already, so we can let you know when we are up and running again.

Stoke 2017: stadium event planned to launch nation-changing men's movement

As the UK works through the implications of the EU Referendum vote, a group of men are launching a powerful movement to ignite purpose and passion in the nation’s men …

As the UK works through the implications of the EU Referendum vote, a group of men are launching a powerful movement to ignite purpose and passion in the nation’s men …
We Are Men United is set to be a significant national gathering of Christian men at Stoke City Football Club on May 27 2017 featuring boxer Nigel Benn, former professional footballer Linvoy Primus, US evangelist Andrew Palau, church leader Paul Scanlon, worship leaders and songwriters Martin Smith, Robin Mark, and Noel Robinson and many more.
“As the nation is divided over the EU referendum vote, we believe it’s more important than ever to unite the Christian men of this country to lead, to serve and use their God-given authority for good,” explains Simon Paul Edwards from Walk Ministries.
Simon, who is one of the key people behind the vision of ‘We Are Men United’ added: “I believe this day is not just a one off event, but it will birth a powerful movement that will change the spiritual atmosphere in this nation. We want to see men come together to be all we are meant to be in the eyes of our God, and run the race that has been marked out for us.”
As part of the launch of We Are Men United a very powerful video (above) is being released, which features the following declaration from four men from very different walks of life, including former boxer Nigel Benn:
“Some men have great stories, great dreams, great courage. Others refuse to stay on the side lines, to stay down, or stay silent.  And there are those with amazing faith who believe the best is yet to come. Who are those men? We are and we believe you are too. On May 27 We are Men United will take place here at Stoke City Football Club.
“We’ll be gathering together and equipping a nation of men to live for the glory of God. To live like men of incredible hope, amazing strength and fearless faith. To live like the men we were made to be. We’ll bring men from all walks of life into this stadium to lift the name of Jesus high. We’ll do that shoulder to shoulder in unity, knowing that God will pour out his spirit and move among us in powerful ways.
“We Are Men United is a dream on our hearts and a moment that will birth a movement. We invite you to come and join us. Do not miss this amazing opportunity.”
To find out more go to:
 Twitter @wearemenunited


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