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Beth Tysall: from soloist to prog rock

Worship leader, church soloist, choir master, singer, songwriter, author and theatrical rock chick – Beth Tysall's musical talents are spread far and wide ...

Aged 28, Beth Tysall is one very talented Christian woman with a passion to worship God through music, writes Ann Evans …

At 17 Beth opened a Crusaders youth festival at the Royal Albert Hall by singing an acapella solo of How Great Thou Art.  Around that time she also wrote and recorded her first album, Like My Shadow, based very much around her Christian beliefs. And she's positive that she had help from the Lord with that actual song.

"I was only 12 when I wrote that song. I was in bed asleep, it was quite late at night and I actually felt the Spirit of God wake me up. I had these lyrics come to me, jump into my spirit, and I had to write them down really fast. It was just as if the tune came to me straight away as well, almost as if a ready made song was just passed to me. I can honestly say no other song has come to me quite like that, but that was how it started."

Beth has been singing at her local church, the Rugby Christian Life Centre since she was 12, and now leads worship with fellow musician Matt Cotterill. As a teenager and part of the Crusaders Youth Group they entered a national talent show “for a laugh,” and won. This led to many performances and festivals, the highlight being Beth opening the show at the Royal Albert Hall.

With music in her soul. she wrote and recorded her second album, Ten Faced, and when 21 won the Best Unsigned Female Artist of the Year at the London New Music Awards. Her single Jesus I come to Worship has been very well received by the Christian communities and her devotion to God has led to her appearing on Rmusic TV, the God Channel and at many music and Christian festivals.

Having a great love of writing, she published her first novel, Cry God, when she was 23 – a visionary book at cryogenics and the afterlife. And she also found that people were asking her to show them how to sing. This led to her tutoring in composition and vocals at  The Crusaders' Music and Media Academy in the Isle of Wight for three years.

Beth continued, “Then I began working with groups and bands, and before I knew it, people were queuing up. So I started in college doing Btec and Performance Theory, then did A Level Music, Music Technology and for the next two years did literally every music course going!” She's now fully qualified in contemporary vocal teaching with the VIDLA (The Vocalist & Teaching Academy).

Her love of music has also taken her in a different musical direction, swapping demure outfits for Victorian corsets and outlandish make up as front singer for progressive rock band, Morning's Star (pictured above). “Basically we're a theatrical modern take on rock and metal. A Victorian Deh-Core Rock – sort of steam punk with less cogs!

“I got into this as I was the singer's vocal coach and happened to bump into the band at a garage and got chatting. They asked me to do one gig with them. So I did – and never left! And I married the drummer!”

Her latest venture has been to create an acapella choir – Warwickshire Acapella (right). Last May Beth got the word out and set up auditions.

“I wanted it to be very community orientated, bringing as many different age groups together as possible. Currently our youngest is 17 and the oldest 55. It's nice to have people from all different backgrounds and ages, all with the common factor of singing well, all coming together. I don’t think this happens enough these days. I teach them by ear because I didn’t want some fantastic singer not to be able to take part simply because they couldn't read music.

“But what has been really good, and something I didn’t expect to happen is that a couple of my singers have said how their confidence has grown since doing this. I've also noticed that through my different musical endeavours several of my students have come to faith and are now in our local church. It's all so very rewarding.”

Beth Tysall:

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