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Miracles film opens - resources for churches

Resources are available from Damaris Media for the new film Miracles From Heaven, opening in cinemas today …

Resources are available from Damaris Media for the new film Miracles From Heaven, opening in cinemas today …

Here are three reasons why you should ask your local cinema to show the film:

It’s an uplifting true story

Miracles from Heaven tells the true story of Christy Beam (Jennifer Garner), who seems to face impossible odds when her young daughter Annabelle (Kylie Rogers) is diagnosed with an incurable illness. While she fights to get the best treatment for Annabelle and to keep her family together, Christy also wrestles with her faith. But her journey will be filled with miracles both big and small.

It could help build community

Film is a fantastic tool for bringing people together. Damaris Media is encouraging church and community groups to see Miracles from Heaven at the cinema, and then use our free, official resources (available at to talk about it afterwards. The film offers a great opportunity to reflect on questions around faith, perseverance and gratitude.

Asking really works!

If there isn’t a cinema near you showing Miracles from Heaven, why not contact your favourite local cinema and ask them to show it? Heanor Baptist Church in Derbyshire persuaded their local cinema to put on screenings of biblical epic Risen earlier this year, just by sending an email. We’ve heard lots of stories of this working for people particularly if you tell the cinema that you’re planning to take a group. By going to see Miracles from Heaven, you’re voting with your feet - meaning that your local cinema is more likely to show this kind of film in future.

This article comes from Damaris Media, who create free film resources for community groups. Download Miracles from Heaven resources, including exclusive videos and a discussion guide, at

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