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Downton Abbey star to voice CBM Tanzania appeal on radio

CBM UK, the Christian overseas disability charity, will have actress Penelope Wilton voicing a BBC Radio 4 appeal on their behalf next month (June 2016) ...

CBM UK, the overseas disability charity, are thrilled to announce that renowned actress Penelope Wilton has agreed to support them by voicing a BBC Radio 4 appeal on their behalf next month (June 2016) ...

The appeal on Radio 4 will raise funds to help children in Tanzania living with child blindness. Childhood cataract, for example, is a leading cause of blindness in children in East Africa yet half of all childhood blindness is avoidable by treating conditions during a child’s early years of life.

The earlier a child is identified and referred for treatment the more likely their chance of a full recovery. Also the greater number of children identified earlier for treatment the greater their chances of growing up free of avoidable blindness, enjoying a full education and successful future.

Penelope Wilton comments: "It is shocking to think that children in East Africa are going blind because they can’t afford a simple operation that, in the UK, we treat as routine. I can’t imagine what it must be like to see your child losing their sight – to see them struggling to learn, to play, to explore the world.

"And if you’re living in poverty in a country like Tanzania, where keeping your child safe and healthy is already a struggle, it must be truly terrifying because in poor communities losing your sight too often means losing the chance to go to school or to earn a living as an adult. That’s why I’m pleased to be supporting CBM’s work saving children’s sight in Tanzania by presenting their BBC Radio 4 Appeal."

Penelope’s appeal can be heard on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 19 June at 7.55am and 9.26pm and on Thursday 23 June at 3.27pm. It can also be listened to at

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