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Gaukroger in new role to equip Christian leaders

Haggai Institute is breaking new ground this week with the announcement that Rev Stephen Gaukroger is starting an exciting role as its first ever Ambassador in the UK ...

Haggai Institute is breaking new ground this week with the announcement that Rev Stephen Gaukroger is starting an exciting role as its first ever Ambassador in the UK.

Gaukroger is using his position and considerable influence to raise the profile of Haggai. He also wants to encourage people to pray and support its mission to advance the skills of qualified Christian leaders to evangelise their own people more effectively, and train others to do the same.  
As someone who regards mission/evangelism as a key priority for the Church, this new role fits perfectly with Gaukroger's vision to equip leaders to live a missional lifestyle and build up the next generation of leaders, especially in developing countries.
Speaking after seeing the Haggai Leader Experience training in Maui, Gaukroger said, "The Haggai model for leadership training is stunning and quite unique. What impressed me most was seeing highly qualified nationals training other nationals from the developing world, and seeing how they were equipped to lead others to Christ once they return home."
Gaukroger wants to use his new role to make UK Christian leaders aware of Haggai's highly effective missional strategy.

Since 1969, Haggai Institute has trained over 100,000 leaders at the top of their professions in the arts, politics, medicine and business to reach their own people for Christ and train others to follow in their footsteps in 188 countries.
"There are currently more than 9,000 leaders waiting for the chance to be equipped by the Haggai Leader Experience", says Gaukroger. "While every leader commits to raise part of their training costs, there's still a significant shortfall that needs to be met by Haggai supporters.

"I hope that as more people get to hear about Haggai, they will feel inspired to support this organisation and tell others how they can help train Christian leaders, especially in areas that are closed to Western missionaries sharing the gospel."


  • Haggai Institute was founded by Dr John Haggai in 1969 to train national Christian leaders to become more effective in spreading the gospel among their own people
  • The Haggai leadership training model enables up to eight Haggai leaders to be trained for the cost of funding a single western missionary in a developing country for one year
  • Men and women trained by Haggai are respected as leaders in their own nations. They speak the language, know the culture, own their accommodation and don't have immigration issues. Unlike most missionaries from the West, they won't leave
  • Millions of people live in countries where the authorities either actively discourage or openly forbid any attempts by westerners to evangelise. It's why the Haggai model is so effective in equipping indigenous Christian leaders to evangelise their own people and train others to do the same
  • Each leader agrees to make every effort to pass on the training to at least 100 fellow nationals within two years of returning home from the Haggai Leader Experience. Reports from the field confirm this figure is being well surpassed
  • Stephen Gaukroger is regarded as one of the most significant Christian leaders of his generation in the UK. As Director of the Clarion Trust, he has spent the last eight years speaking to Christian leaders and equipping the Church for leadership, mission and evangelism in more than 25 countries worldwide

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