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Help build The Wall: a million answered prayers

Former Leicester City football club chaplain Richard Gamble has launched a Kickstarter campaign to build a national prayer landmark ...

On Sunday (3 April 2016), a national campaign to build a prayer landmark in the UK was launched via a crowd funding opportunity.

Some 12 years in the planning after he carried a cross through Leicestershire in 2003, the campaign for this National Prayer Landmark is the inspiration of Richard Gamble, former Leicester Football Chaplain and International Director of Sports Chaplaincy UK, who wants to build a prayer wall for the nation.

Richard and a growing team are seeking to construct a Christian public artwork, equivalent to the Angel of the North, and a 40-day Kickstarter campaign is attempting to raise the initial funds to make this happen.

After the first two days, a staggering total of more than £8,000 had been pledged by 116 people towards the £45,000 target.

The Wall will be made up of a million bricks – each brick will represent an answered prayer.

Richard wants the landmark will be built next to a motorway, so that thousands of people will be able to drive past each day seeing tangible evidence that Jesus is alive and prayers answered.

"Every single brick is going to represent a story of answered prayer," he explained.

"It is for generations, so your descendants in hundreds of years to come will be able to go back and say my great, great, great, great, great grandmother bought a brick in the wall and this is the prayer that Jesus answered.

"I think the most rewarding thing is just seeing people come on board and embrace the vision ... it's started to go global already."

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