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Holiness and Hope: LICC Bible Day

Is it possible for the Christian faith to survive and thrive in a world that’s indifferent at best and hostile at worst? A London-based teaching day is set to tackle the question …

Is it possible for the Christian faith to survive and thrive in a world that’s indifferent at best and hostile at worst? What does such a faith look like – at home, at work and in other places where Christ’s people find themselves? And what kind of leadership and ministry does it take to sustain that vision?

Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians helps with questions like these, and an LICC Bible Day has been planned for 10 May to get stuck into the topic.

It’s thought to be the first letter Paul wrote to a church and it provides one of the earliest windows we have to the beginnings of the Christian movement. It also brims over with Paul’s affection for the young converts and his delight that they are ‘standing firm in the Lord’ despite the often-hostile pagan culture in which they find themselves.

Paul helps them to learn the very different way of life that flows from leaving idols ‘to serve the living and true God’ – where holiness is not withdrawal from the world but involvement in it in a new way, marked by faith, love and hope.
Punching well above its weight, 1 Thessalonians gives us a model for ministry, in Paul’s own commitment and service to the people of God; a vision for the Church, in the call to live distinctively in everyday life; and a reaffirmation of our faith, in the foundational truths of the gospel of Christ crucified, risen and coming again.
This workshop will be led by Antony Billington, Head of Theology, with Neil Hudson, LICC Imagine Project Director, and will involve a combination of input and discussion. For church leaders and preachers, there will be reflection on how the letter forms members of our congregations as followers of Jesus in their everyday contexts, but the day will be suitable for all those who would value an opportunity to explore how the Bible nurtures Christian identity and mission in today’s world.

Bible Day – Holiness and Hope in a Hostile World: A Day in 1 Thessalonians
Tuesday 10 May, 10:30am-4pm
Cost: £18 – click here to book

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