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West Belfast: Caravan of prayer on 100-day trail

The 24-7 Prayer boiler room in West Belfast are marking 100 years since the Battle of the Somme and the Easter Rising ... by praying around their area in a caravan ...

The 24-7 Prayer boiler room in West Belfast are marking 100 years since the Battle of the Somme and the Easter Rising ... by praying around their area in a caravan. For 100 days, they’re covering their community in prayer. They started on 6 February and finish on 15 May.

Here's their vision:

"The Battle of the Somme and the Easter rising; two events which greatly shaped the nation of Ireland. The fall of these centenaries are being marked across Ireland with 100days100years; a movement of prophetic prayer. The aim is to cover a potentially divisive and emotive time with healing, honour and hope. 

"Our community in West Belfast sits on an interface between two segregated Protestant and Catholic communities. The tensions around the two centenaries run deep in the blood of our community, so we wanted to look for a creative way to soak West Belfast in Prayer during these 100 days.

"West Belfast is a beautiful place, but it suffers from deep-rooted issues; sectarianism, high levels of anti-social behaviour, poor housing and high benefit dependancy. 

"But we love this area and want to see it blessed, so we decided that we wanted to use 100 days as a way to cover our community in prayer. We wanted to construct a prayer space in one of the neutral areas (of which there are very few!) but challenges meant that we were forced to think outside the box.

"And that’s what led us on a journey of converting an old caravan in to a mobile prayer room… 

"One of our community members went to meet a local guy trying to sell an old beat-up caravan online. When he heard what we were planning to do with it; he decided to give it to us for free. This big boost of confidence got us thinking: God might actually be in this!

"So we took this old caravan and rebuilt it. 

"Now, our vision is this: just as Aaron and Hur held up the hands of Moses in the heat of battle, we want to partner with local churches and organisations to say: 

“'We don’t want anything of you, but we want to come to you. To bless you, pray for you and hold your arms up. We want to partner with people of faith and of no faith who are working with the poor, the hurting and the lost, and doing amazing work in our community.'

"And the benefit of our caravan is that we can go; we can go to mobilise churches and organisations to pray in the darker corners of our city; we can go to areas that aren’t currently covered in prayer, where the Church isn't reaching. 

We want to be light bearers and
speak a new hope over our City’s story

"We’ll get out of the building and take our caravan to places of need – for hours, days or a week – and encourage local Christians who want to see God move to come and pray with us. We believe that these 100 days will be a really significant time for our community, our city and our country; we know that when we pray, we’re changed as much as the world around us. 

"In that place of prayer we catch God’s vision and His heart for the place we love so much.

"We’re excited about the adventure, and the places this caravan will go over these 100 days. Just as we have restored this caravan, we know that God is restoring our community with every prayer that is prayed within its walls."

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