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Gogglebox vicar walks in the footsteps of Judas

Gogglebox vicar Rev Kate Bottley is to present a BBC1 documentary on Judas Iscariot on Good Friday ...

To mark Good Friday one of Britain’s best-loved vicars, the Revd Kate Bottley, will re-open the case against the Bible’s most notorious villain – Judas Iscariot – in a one-hour documentary from 9am-10am on BBC1, entitled In The Footsteps of Judas.

Kate’s journey takes her from her parish in Nottinghamshire to Jerusalem, where she pieces together the events leading up to the Crucifixion. Why did Judas betray his Master at his most desperate hour? And on a day when we remember that Jesus died for all our sins, is Judas excluded from that forgiveness? Ultimately, Kate demonstrates why Judas matters and why he is central to our understanding of the Christian message today.

The Gogglebox vicar told the Daily Telegraph: "He has been defined by the worst thing he did. Judas should be seen not purely as a traitor but as a tragic figure and a ‘mirror to the human condition.’"

She feels there is perhaps something else to this character than that kiss and that betrayal.

In the programme, Kate examines theories about what led him to betray Jesus for pieces of silver. He later hanged himself.

One theory is that Judas was a dedicated revolutionary who saw Jesus as a reluctant political messiah and hoped that by handing him over for arrest he could trigger an uprising against Roman rule in Judea.

She says: “I was thrilled to be able to go to make this documentary and am grateful to the Diocese and my parish for understanding why this was just too good an opportunity to pass up.

"Looking again at Judas has been a fascinating experience. I've never preached on Judas, but after my experience making this programme I will be speaking about what we might learn from him as a biblical character.”
In The Footsteps of Judas will be shown on BBC One at 9am on Friday March 25.
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