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Scotland: youth call on Church for imaginative approach

A number of Christian millennials have called on the Church in Scotland to be more innovative in the way it operates ...

A number of Christian millennials have called on the Church in Scotland to be more innovative in the way it operates.

Church body Transforming Scotland recently met with a number of young people from around the country to discuss their take on the Church in Scotland.

The gathering followed a report published by Transforming Scotland last year, which stated that more than half (55%) of Scottish adults have a positive view of Christianity, and three-quarters of church leaders are more optimistic about ministry in Scotland.

It was also found that a quarter of 18 – 24 year olds would call Scotland a Christian nation.

Alan McWilliams, a member of the Transforming Scotland Steering Group, said: “There was a strong feeling that millennials want churches to move with the times and approach the way they do church differently.

“In today’s society, church can no longer be confined to four walls for two hours on a Sunday morning, and perhaps one evening during the week. Churches have to be entrepreneurial, and invest time, money and resources into young people who can help them think differently.”

During the recent gathering, delegates heard from each other about innovative ways to bring church to communities, such as the Edinburgh Saltyard Sessions, which are run by young adults in the city’s music venues.

Alan continued: “Based on the study’s findings, Christianity can grow in the next decade among today’s young Scots. The research showed that young people are looking for solid advice on life issues. For example, 39 per cent would attend church to find out how to have a meaningful, ethical career. We need to meet these people where they’re at and show them that church can adapt to their circumstances and needs.

“But the current model of church does not resonate with the vast majority of people. Churches must become more accepting of risk, more open to new strategies and more willing to fail.

“Ways of ‘doing’ and ‘being’ church will need to change to bring the good news of Jesus to people to whom ‘church’ does not sound like good news.

“At Transforming Scotland, we’re looking forward to working with entrepreneurial church leaders and millennials, by helping them to think differently and, ultimately, transform the lives of those around them.”

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