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Malawi: how your card purchase can help a pregnant mum

A Mothers’ Day card with a difference has been launched as part of a brand new initiative to help ‘mums to be’ from the UK stand alongside their counterparts in Malawi ...

A Mothers’ Day card with a difference is launched today, as part of a brand new initiative to help ‘mums to be’ from the UK stand alongside their counterparts in Malawi, the world’s poorest nation.
This new concept where pregnant mums in this country can ‘twin’ with pregnant women in Malawi is the brainchild of Pregnancy Twinning, an initiative of Christian charity, Chasing Zero.

The project aims to provide support for expectant mums in a country where women are 60 times more likely to die during pregnancy and childbirth than their counterparts in the UK.
Instead of the traditional Mothers’ Day greetings you will find printed inside most cards on sale this year, Pregnancy Tinning’s Mothers’ Day card pictures a Malawian mother with her baby strapped to her back. The Pregnancy Twinning Mothers’ Day card, which can be purchased and personalised for delivery across the UK in time for Mothers’ Day, includes a donation of £12 to fund a Mother Buddy to support a ‘mum-to-be’ in Malawi during her pregnancy.

Specifically the donation from the card will be used to help provide transport for expectant mums to ensure that they deliver their babies at a health clinic, attended by a professional, rather than at home.
The full Pregnancy Twinning package, which costs £40, pays for eight visits from a Mother Buddy, during pregnancy, delivery and aftercare. A supporter in the UK is allocated a ‘twin’, a vulnerable expectant mother in Malawi, and then after birth each supporter receives a Pregnancy Twinning certificate and a photo of their ‘mother twin’ with her new born child.
Friend of the Pregnancy Twinning programme, Marina Fogle (right), explained how a simple donation to Pregnancy Twinning can make real difference to the lives of thousands of Malawian women:

“One in 10 adults in Malawi is HIV positive. This has a shocking impact on survival rates during pregnancy and childbirth and many children are born HIV positive.”
Marina continued: “Through Pregnancy Twinning we can fund a Mother Buddy for expectant mums, and provide education and advice on basic healthcare, breastfeeding, nutrition and HIV testing that otherwise they might miss out on. Results show that the support of a Mother Buddy greatly improves outcomes for women during pregnancy and reduces the number of children born HIV positive.”
A recent evaluation* carried out by Pregnancy Twinning partner Tearfund in Malawi found that as a result of the Mother Buddies programme, the numbers of new born children carrying the HIV virus, born to HIV positive mothers had halved, and as a result of the Mother Buddies’ visits there was a marked increase in women being able to access vital antenatal care as well as 40% increase in women eating three meals a day during their pregnancy.
Marina concluded; “A child born in Malawi is 10 times more likely to die in the first year its life. Through buying a Mothers’ Day card with a difference we can start to change that, and give thousands of mothers the best Mothers’ Day gift they’ve ever had.”  
To purchase a Pregnancy Twinning Mothers’ Day card or for more information please visit  

Photos: Top: Mothers' Day card design
Above: Marina Fogle, author of
The Bump Class: An Expert Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond (photo by Helene Sandberg)

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