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4MUK ministry to be unpacked at men's event

A unique men's ministry event is to be held at a Norwich church on January 29 ...

A unique men's ministry event is to be held at a Norwich church on January 29, with James Ray from 4MUK as the speaker. The purpose of the event is to get men enthused about their faith. 

Organiser Jim Collins, who is a member of Norwich Central Baptist Church, is involved in 4MUK and has been on Extreme Character Challenges (XCC) run by the organisation which are four-day ultimate endurance event that tests a man's character, builds true friendships and ignites faith.

During the XCC men turn over their watches, phones, wallets and car keys. Only the items on the kit list provided are allowed. No extra food. No cigarettes. No alcohol. Ten teams of eight to ten men journey together on one route. The teams walk considerable distances carrying the equipment in their backpacks. Along the route the spiritual leaders of 4M speak short messages, often followed by a practical assignment to build on the Biblical lesson.

Throughout the XCC, men receive some twenty 10-minute talks that centre around a Biblical character, such as Moses, Joshua, David, and, of course - Jesus. The aim of the XCC is to lead men to the cross in a way they have never experienced before.

Jim found the experience profoundly moving. He said, "It is hard to put into words the impact of an XCC ... other than my conversion, this is the most spiritually enhancing event of my life". 

4MUK is a unique men's ministry that is getting men enthused about their faith and making a big difference not just to them but to their families. The event at Norwich Central Baptist Church on the evening of Friday January 29 is open to all men. James Ray the CEO from 4MUK will be speaking and there will a worship band also.

Jim said, "It will be a great opportunity to come and find out about this very exciting men's ministry."

4 MUK is part of a global organisation that aims to build up a brotherhood of men that will respond with faith and integrity wherever they are.


Friday January 29
Norwich Central Baptist Church, Duke Street, Norwich NR3 3AP
7 - 10pm
No need to book, just turn up on the night – and bring your friends!
No charge, but donations are welcome.
If you have any questions, please contact Jim on

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