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'Jesus has changed me for the good'

Jack, 14, describes his path to faith, helped by Church Army's Nicholas Lebey from the Greenwich Centre of Mission ...

Jack, aged 14, has become a Christian through Transforming Youth Mission (TYM), run by Church Army Evangelist, Nicholas Lebey, from the Greenwich Centre of Mission. Despite his tender age, Jack is one of the leaders at the youth club.

As part of Church Army’s ONE series, Jack candidly chats about his views on friendship, forgiveness and responsibilities – and what coming to a living faith has meant to him personally.

“My name is Jack, I’m in Year 9, and I go to the TYM youth club.

“I come from an Irish Catholic background. When I was in Ireland, I used to go to church once a year, but I didn’t know much about Christianity. Nicholas has given me an insight into Jesus, who he is, what the Bible says about him – he’s really opened my mind to him.

“Jesus is there for you, no matter what. One time I felt really down and I talked to Nicholas about it. He said: ‘Everyone’s going to do something wrong in their life, everyone has moments of feeling down. But there’s always someone there for you. I’m here for you and Jesus is here for you. You are not alone.’ Nicholas has taught me that I’m always going to be forgiven.

“I’ve always been nice to people but if someone said something to annoy me, I used to think: ‘That’s it, you’re not my mate anymore.’ Now I think: ‘Everyone does wrong, I’m going to forgive him, he may not have meant it …’

“Before, I didn’t think about actions and consequences. Now I think more about things, I feel bad if I do something wrong, and I ask for God’s forgiveness.

“Here at the youth club, we are like a big family and we have lots of fun together. It’s just nice to know that my mates are there for me. I can go to any one of them and tell them about something and I just know they are going to be supportive.

“I am one of the leaders of the youth club. Leaders have responsibilities: we need to get to youth club early and set up, then we have a talk about the activities for that night and we say a prayer. We also keep an eye on everyone – if we see something is wrong we tell Nicholas about it. It feels good to know that Nicholas and the others are placing their trust in me – I’ve never had responsibilities like this before.

“Everyone knows about Jesus, and if you believe in him, you will follow his rules. It’s a bit like me and my mum – I listen to what she says, and it’s the same with Christians, they listen to God.

“Jesus died for us, and he’s changed me for the good. I used to be shy, I used to keep my head down and kept to myself. I’m a lot more cheerful now, I’m always smiling and happy.

“I pray every night – if I don’t, I just don’t feel right and I can’t sleep. Jesus makes me feel peaceful and calm. I always knew he was there, but now Jesus is inside of me, he is part of me.”

Bringing people to a living faith is at the heart of Church Army’s ONE series.
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