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Inspire Awards 2015: sowing seeds of faith over a croissant

A Hampshire village church is opening up the Bible to young children, their mums, dads and carers ...

How Buggies and Brunch run from a Hampshire village church is opening up the Bible to young children and their mums, dads and carers, reports Sharon Barnard

Every Thursday morning at 9.15 during term-time, local mums along with a few dads and other carers are to be found tucking into croissants, fresh fruit and coffee at Swanmore Methodist Church hall.

It’s time for Buggies and Brunch and that means a welcome sit down for the mums, who can relax and chat for 90 minutes, and a chance for their pre-school children to let off steam with some supervised Bible-based activities and singing. 

“We make it clear right from the word go that we have a worship time, and that all the crafts are linked to the Bible story and activities we have over in the church,” explains organiser Mavis Daniels.

“The mums are invited to come in for that time, but some may stay behind. Afterwards we go back to the hall where we have more musical games, nursery rhymes and crafts.”

       We've been able to be there    

                       for people if they    
                          hit a hard time    

Buggies and Brunch has been going for five years and attracts between 15 and 25 children each week, though on wet days the numbers can climb to more than 30.

Supporting Mavis is a team of about eight including two kitchen helpers, a lady who plays the guitar and another who organises the craft. 

“And we have an elderly gentleman called Herbie who welcomes the children at the door with a monkey puppet.”

It’s an opportunity to sow seeds of faith in the lives of those who may not have any church background – and a way to serve the local rural community.

“We’ve been able to be there for people if they hit a hard time and just need someone to talk to, and the mums support each other too,” she says.

One of the highlights for Mavis has been seeing the children developing and the helpers using their gifts to serve. She is also thrilled by the way the church gets behind Buggies and Brunch.

“Sometimes the minister will come along and bring his guitar, and one of the men in the church sets up for us on the Wednesday evening.

“They have all been so supportive and interested.”

Buggies and Brunch was nominated for an Inspire Award by Martin Letts from Swanmore, Hants

Pictured above: Mavis Daniels (fourth from left with mascot Brunchie), and the Buggies and Brunch team. Photo: Martin Letts.

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