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South Wales: family's 'miracle' escape at prayer-soaked campsite

You don’t have to persuade Marcia Giardelli that God is in the miracle business, reports Rob James ...

You don’t have to persuade Marcia Giardelli that God is in the miracle business, reports Rob James. Marcia is praising God because a five-year-old girl run over by her father’s car whilst holidaying at her South Wales campsite suffered nothing more than severe bruising.

And Marcia is convinced that fervent prayer from a group of Korean Christians earlier in the year had plenty to do with the miraculous escape.
“The family of five had just arrived at our campsite at Bosherton, Pembroke,” she explained. “Their little girl was lying on the grass behind their car, drawing, while her parents put the tent up and sorted things out. Her father went to move the car (a fairly large estate car) and actually reversed over her.
“They were totally stunned and the child was screaming,” she added. “The first that I heard of it was when I saw my husband Lawrence's 17-year old grandson Alexander racing up our yard from the field, having seen the incident, to tell us what had happened.
“I can clearly remember what he said and how I reacted. He said ‘There's been a tragedy in the bottom field.  A father has just run over his daughter’. My immediate reaction from my inner being was, ‘We don't do tragedy here!’ and my thoughts flipped to Lawrence's accident some four years ago when he was crushed under a dumper truck and miraculously survived with minimal injuries.
“In fact I had a high level of faith that we were going to see an amazing outcome to this situation, too."

Marcia’s faith was well founded because after examining her two local hospitals assured the parents that their daughter was fine, apart from bad bruising.
Marcia remembered that just a month or two before the potentially fatal accident a group of Korean Christians had spent time praying over her camping fields, and she is no doubt whatsoever that “this miracle” was an answer to their prayers.

But, she added “this was just one clear example of the effects of their fervent, faith-filled prayers. We have had an amazing season with so many reports of an unusual level of goodwill and kindness which has been in evidence here.

"We always experience it to some extent, but it was even more obvious this year. I am sure that their visit paved the way. All of this has to be God."

Photos: Top: Marcia's family at the campsite; Above: Korean Christians in prayer along the coast where the campsite is located

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