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Edinburgh: family comedy keeps it clean to pack 'em in

A comedy show for the whole family is hoping to build on three consecutive runs at the Edinburgh Festival ...

A comedy show for the whole family is hoping to build on three consecutive runs at the Edinburgh Festival.

The Clean (As Possible) Comedy Show is the brainchild of Tony Vino, a Christian who’s been on the comedy circuit since 2006, and has already had three consecutive runs at the Edinburgh Festival.

Along the way, it’s featured acts such as Greenbelt and Spring Harvest favourites Paul Kerensa, Andy Kind and James Dowdeswell plus Kev Orkian (Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist 2010) and Pat Monahan (winner of ITV’s Show Me The Funny).

This February, the show went to Leicester Comedy Festival and is back in Edinburgh this August for a full run.
This year Tony has passed on MC duties to Rob Thomas and Fran Garrity. Rob was the runner-up in the year’s UK Pun Championships at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival whilst Fran won All Jokes Aside in 2011.
Says founder Tony Vino, “Everyone seems to love the fact that it’s a show they can bring their kids and their Gran to ... as long as their Gran isn’t too potty-mouthed that is.

"All the acts have to follow our guidelines, which parallel those of a 12A certificate film. We’ve run shows at Greenbelt, Spring Harvest and the like and they’ve been a real success; it’s great that at the Edinburgh Festival there too seems to be plenty of people that like our family-friendly brand of comedy.”
It’s a 4.15pm start at The City Cafe (just off the Royal Mile and Nicholson Street) and entry is absolutely FREE. The show is an hour long and families are welcome.

“The guys cope with the mixed audience really well. Making everyone in a room, where the ages range from six to over 60, laugh out loud ... friendly without being patronising to the kids or alarming the parents.” Kate Copstick (The Scotsman)

“Very good clean family-friendly comedy (there were five kids under 12 at the show I saw) ... you can’t get much better value than this show.” Ron Bingham (Groggy Squirrel – Australia)

“It’s refreshing to be surrounded by children and their folks, rather than those waiting for the next overtly-enunciated f- or c-word to punctuate viscerally.” Three Weeks 4/5

Venue: Laughing Horse @ The City Cafe, 19 Blair Street, EH1 1QR (Fringe Venue number 85)
Date: 7-30 August 2015
Time: 4:15pm
Tickets: FREE

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