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2015 Inspire Awards: changing lives in Bolton

Dave Bagley, founder of Urban Outreach, explains how the charity is working with the local community to “bind up the broken-hearted” in Bolton, Greater Manchester ...

2015 Inspire Awards – Transforming lives through teamwork

Dave Bagley, founder of Urban Outreach, tells SHARON BARNARD how the charity is working with the local community to “bind up the broken-hearted” in Bolton, Greater Manchester

Dave says he is left “speechless” when he looks back over the 25 years of Urban Outreach’s work with some of the most vulnerable and marginalised in Bolton.

He founded the charity in 1990 along with his wife Chris after four years of her “praying in” the vision for the community.

“We believed the call of God was to ‘bind up the broken-hearted and set the captives free’,”  explains Dave, whose aim is to work on projects in partnership with churches, the local authority, schools, businesses and volunteers from the area.

He has had the “privilege” of  housing young homeless people in local Christian homes and seen more than 100 churches motivated to look after rough sleepers and vulnerable people through a Winter Watch project.

Urban Outreach has worked with the local authority and the police, on “the exiting and support of 170 street sex workers” which, says Dave resulted in “the complete transformation of our historical red light area”.

Day to day he supports 17 staff, motivates churches, develops partnerships, sits on other charity committees and ensures the £560,000 Urban Outreach needs is available for the work to continue.
Among the many highlights has been the charity’s ‘Christmas Dinner on Jesus’.

“Nearly 40,000 came together to produce a complete Christmas dinner in a box for 1,000 households. That rocks.

“I’m proud to do all this as part of a team and as part of the Bolton family.”

INFO – Urban Outreach (Bolton)

  •  Works with thousands of young people reported missing from home each year
  • Feeds some 9,000 people through two foodbanks
  • Houses more than 200 homeless and vulnerable people
  • Supports families in crisis
  • Provides 3,500 meals for rough sleepers and vulnerable individuals
  • Teaches thousands of children and families to cook
  • Supports 80 women who have offended and those still involved with prostitution
  • Volunteers provide thousands of children with packed lunches during the school holidays

Dave Bagley was nominated for an Inspiring Individual Award by Sam Lancaster from Greater Manchester


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