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New guide to help churches raise funds

A new book aimed at helping address the financial challenges faced by churches of all denominations has been published by SPMfundessentials ...

A new book aimed at helping address the financial challenges faced by churches of all denominations has been published by SPMfundessentials.

Although published in the UK, the guide contains many useful resources that are relevant for churches the world over, which are facing similar funding issues.

Part of the Charity First Series, and aimed at church treasurers, finance committee members and church goers, the guide contains a wealth of useful insight and practical techniques for securing donations from current and new sources, and developing sustainable sources of income.

The guide is written by Director of Learning and Stewardship in the Diocese of Liverpool in the UK, Steve Pierce. He shares his hard won experience of taking fundraising ‘Beyond the Collection Plate’ and diversifying churches’ revenue streams.

Steve Pierce says: “Our churches are facing a financial challenge which we cannot duck. Fifty years ago around three-quarters of the cost of Anglican clergy was met by the Church Commissioners. Today that responsibility lies largely with the faithful folk in our pews.

“We face the challenge of paying for our clergy as well as maintaining our buildings and growing church life. This means we need to work smarter as well as harder to fund the fabric, ministry and mission of our church – this guide aims to offer a helping hand in that goal.”

Churches all over the world are being encouraged to establish additional sources of funding to help maintain their sustainability. In Africa, for example, church leaders have been told to set up fundraising committees to identify financial resources by Father Nicholas Afriyie, general secretary of the Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference, who said they should be less dependent on support from foreign partners.

Meanwhile, across Latin America and the Caribbean, funding is inadequate and insufficient to meet the many needs of their churches; fundraising efforts continue to try and fill those gaps.

Topics covered within the guide include: how to build a spiritual culture of giving within the church community; how to make best use of tools and technology, including text, email and online giving platforms; and how to inspire legacy gifts and the creation of Friends groups.

Bishop James Newcome, the Bishop of Carlisle, UK said: “Beyond the Collection Plate is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to Christian giving which wears its deep theological foundations lightly. It is extremely practical and covers the principles as well as the mechanics of giving, with an abundance of pertinent anecdotes and quotations.”

To read more and to buy a copy, go HERE.

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