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New book charts movements of Muslims turning to Christ

An unprecedented change is sweeping through the Islamic world. Hundreds, thousands, even millions of Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus ...

An unprecedented change is sweeping through the Islamic world. Hundreds, thousands, even millions of Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus.

A Wind in the House of Islam, written by American author, Dr David Garrison (pictured below), tells the story of how, in response to prayer, God is on the move in the Islamic world. In more than 70 locations covering 29 separate nations, movements of Muslims are turning to Christ.
In his book, David Garrison claims that in the history of Muslim/Christian interaction the current response being seen to the gospel has never been seen before. It is a story of how, in answer to prayer and in response to a religion that is becoming increasingly divided, thousands of Muslims are choosing to become followers of Jesus.
Dr Garrison explained the dichotomy which fuelled his research. “Muslim movements to Christ are rare. My research revealed that the first hints of conversion did not occur until the year 982, 350 years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad”.

Today, however, things are changing fast. “My research revealed that we are living in the midst of the greatest turning of Muslims to Jesus Christ in history! Where is this occurring? How is it happening? And why is it happening today?”
Garrison recounted the inspiring story of one woman. “I interviewed Nadia, a 43-year-old Iranian widowed mother of three. She said, ‘From my childhood I have been very curious about Jesus. I felt there was an empty place inside of me. I learned that one of my cousins had become a Christian. I asked him for a New Testament and I read it. Inside I was in a revolution. So I prayed, 'God show me what is really true'.

"As I read it, I felt my heart open like an old door. From that time on, Jesus’ work started inside me. It was a strange happiness like nothing I’d ever known.’”
Dr Garrison defines a movement to Christ to be at least 100 new churches started or 1,000 baptisms that occur over a 20-year period in one people group. His research involved seeing many of the churches for himself and systematically interviewing more than 1,000 Muslim background believers from the groups he details.
Throughout June, Garrison will be touring the UK, inspiring audiences with this incredible story, speaking at 20 different locations including venues in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and throughout England, before culminating at the annual GoFest mission conference on 21 June.

For further information re venues and booking details, go to or call 01865 600450.

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