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Sheffield: campaign hopes to harness power of prayer

Bishop of Sheffield Steven Croft has called on the public across the diocese to focus on prayer for 10 days between 14 May and 24 May ...

Bishop of Sheffield Steven Croft has called on the public across the diocese to focus on prayer for 10 days between 14 May and 24 May.
Each year for the past six years Bishop Steven has urged his Diocese to pray individually and together during the 10 Days of Prayer.
Four out of five British adults believe in the power of prayer with three in every 10 people, when asked what they would pray for, citing peace in the world, an end to poverty and concerns about climate change. There are many different types of prayer such as: asking; thanking; forgiving; and hoping. There are also many different ways of praying: it doesn’t have to be with eyes closed and hands clenched!
A link on the Diocesan website provides a downloadable leaflet, suggested daily readings and resources, along with template prayer postcards.
These prayer postcards have been made so that church members can print, then leave them in public places, or post through letterboxes. Collecting points will allow anyone to write and post their prayer requests, which will then be picked up by churches in the area. 

Whether a practicing Christian or not, many turn to prayer when times get tough. The Ten Days of Prayer aims to encourage everyone to share their concerns, inviting others in their community to do the same.
Bishop Steven said: “The ten days of prayer form the time between the Christian days of Ascension and Pentecost, for the church it is always a time to pay particular attention to prayer.”
He continued: “As Christians we are not called to a quiet life, or to keep things ticking over in the life of the Church. We are called to a challenging adventure of discipleship to build up the Church of Jesus Christ. This adventure must be underpinned by prayer.”
Helen Bent, co-founder of Worship 4 Today writes: “The Ten Days of Prayer is all about enabling everyone in the church and beyond to take part whatever their age. If work or family commitments make it difficult for you to participate with others, why not set an alarm for a particular time and make a pact with God and with others in your community to pray for a few minutes at that time each day?

"Or perhaps take a stone and plant it somewhere in your community – by a school, doctor’s surgery, shopping precinct, library – as a reminder to pray each time you walk or drive past.”
For further information on the 10 Days of Prayer and the resources visit

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