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'I don't need arms and legs, as long as God gives me a purpose'

Born without arms or legs, Australian evangelist Nick Vujicic (32) has shared a message of hope with more than five million people in 44 countries ...

Born without arms or legs, Australian evangelist Nick Vujicic (32) has shared a message of hope with more than five million people in 44 countries, and heads up his own ministry Life Without Limbs. RUSS BRAVO asked him some key questions

How did you manage at school?

I was six years old when I realized how different I was. I did face challenges at school and was bullied for being different. It made me feel depressed with no hope for a future. My parents always treated me like my other siblings and gave me just as many responsibilities. They taught me to try my best and let God take control of the rest.

When did you become a Christian, and how did it come about?

I became a Christian at 15, after reading John 9:1–7, how Jesus made a blind man see and gave him a purpose in life. That made me realize that I don’t need arms and legs, as long as God gives me a purpose for me to live my life.

Were you often angry with God?

Yes, I was angry with God and blamed him for my lack of limbs and the fact he didn’t seem to care. I thought he’d forgotten me or wasn’t real at all because he didn’t answer me or miraculously give me limbs. I also felt angry because of being bullied in school, experiencing a lot of negative attention, and feeling like I was a burden to my parents.

Were there key moments when you were growing up that moulded the person you are today?

The main key moment that made me who I am now is my faith in Jesus Christ. Through that faith, it helps me to be confident in myself, my talents, purpose and, most of all, in God’s great love and his divine plan. My family really helped seed that hope of encouragement to always try my best and let God have control over the rest.

When did you sense God called you to be an evangelist?

I sensed God’s calling when I asked him for my life’s purpose, which instilled hope in me. It wasn’t until later on that a janitor at my school told me I would be a great speaker. Then one day I found myself in front of 300 students sharing my story and one girl came up crying and thanked me, saying that no-one had ever told her she was loved or beautiful. That’s when I knew I wanted to share the message of hope, love and the power of Jesus Christ.

What do you believe are the biggest challenges young people today face?

I believe the biggest challenge young people face is figuring out their value and purpose in life. In many cases young people make the challenge harder because they are looking or heading in the wrong direction and/or seek happiness in the wrong places.

You’re now a husband and father with a young family – how has this changed you?

Definitely life-changing for the better. I’m experiencing a love I have never imagined. This new chapter has helped me understand the unconditional love of the heavenly father more, and has helped me to keep focused better and always make time for family.

There are some things I cannot do for my son, and I’m so grateful for my wife Kanae, who takes a lot of the tougher responsibilities. As he’s getting older we are interacting, playing and reading books together. I constantly remind myself to work on my character as a man, to become all that I want to be for my beautiful wife and son.

Who inspires you?

My inspiration is God and the power of Jesus Christ. God is my foundation and the ceiling of the unlimited hope I have. He created me, but also allowed me to have pain in life just like anyone else. He took my broken pieces and made it complete in the life of others.

If you had one prayer for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That the Lord blesses others with spiritual and physical health and preserves them for everlasting life. Also to remain humble, build a stronger relationship with God, and have quality time with my family.

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