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"Surgeons thought I wouldn’t survive"

Bob Morrish believes he was saved from death in order to tell men in prison about Jesus. Sandie Shirley explains …

Bob Morrish believes he was saved from death in order to tell men in prison about Jesus. SANDIE SHIRLEY explains …

“I have the proof of healing, joy and blessing in my life and I want to encourage others,” says Bob, a member of Prison Fellowship – a volunteer organisation across 112 countries.

But 30 years ago he was not expected to live.

“Surgeons believed my injuries were too severe for me to survive the night,” explains the man who astounded nurses by leaving his hospital bed and walking unaided within weeks.

After a horrific accident, the sports car Bob was driving was a mangled wreck. Police covered his body with a sheet, presuming he was dead.

But Bob still had a pulse despite the terrible injuries that included umpteen broken bones, a ruptured spleen, damaged internal organs and facial injuries requiring 54 stitches.

He underwent hospital surgery after an ambulance team passed the accident scene by chance and discovered he was still conscious after the head-on collision with a lorry.

The accident did not take his life but it did rob him of his joy and caused depression. He later suffered a slipped disc and spent five days a week at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital for 10 months of physiotherapy.

Having reached rock bottom he responded to a church invitation by his eldest daughter. Bob received prayer and gave control of his life to Jesus.

He said: “Until then I thought religion was reserved for children and old people, but within a few days I was singing with a new joy and my life started to get interesting.”

Two years later he suffered a slipped disc again and within a fortnight Bob was invited to a church healing service.

He struggled to get out of his car to walk through the church door but explains: “Two men stood either side and prayed for me with a hand on my shoulders and my head.

“Afterwards, I turned round to thank the person behind me since I felt a hand on my back with much warmth, but there was no-one there.

“It was absolutely amazing; physically I had God’s hand on my back where the disc was out and it has never slipped out again since.”

Bob shares his amazing testimony and life-changing experiences – including divine provision and strength when his business failed – with male prison offenders and is seeing their lives transformed during his weekly visits.

“I soon realised that God has given me a one-to-one ministry for encouraging offenders. As I have got close to many of them I have seen God change them over time.

“I recall one guy – an ex-Hell’s Angel; it took 26 armed policemen to arrest him, but he found Jesus in prison and the change was amazing.

“I kept in touch with him following the end of his sentence and remember his wife saying she had a new husband who became drug and alcohol-free, who helped with the housework, sometimes cooked the meals and even began attending church!”

A few years later Bob started helping with the Sycamore Tree course. “The six-week victim awareness course runs for two-and-half hours a week.

“It is not a Christian course but it is run by Prison Fellowship volunteers using the Bible story of Zacchaeus, the tax collector, and is accredited by the Open College Network at Level 1 and 2.

“The men receive an attendance certificate which is sometimes the first certificate they have received. The course is held in the chapel and men are often attracted by the peace and love from the chaplaincy team.

“It is rewarding when seeing the change in men who realise the damage done to their victims, families and themselves. If you want to witness the miracles and the power of God in prison please join us.”

Find out more at or by writing to Prison Fellowship England & Wales, PO Box 68226, London SW1P 9WR.

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