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Survival wear company's body warmer boost for street pastors

A Swansea company has been working with Christian street pastor initiatives to develop and supply foil body warmers and blankets suited to their needs …

A Swansea company producing outdoor sports and survival products has been working with Christian night-time and street initiatives to develop and supply foil body warmers and blankets suited to their needs …

Peter Lewis takes up the story ...

"I work for my son’s business, Surviva Ltd, which manufactures ultra-lightweight protective garments in our factory in Swansea. We started manufacturing here in the UK having decided not to go to China to get our products made. We use UK-made materials and have survived the recession.
"About three years ago my wife and I were passing through Torquay one winter’s night and saw Street Pastors giving out foil blankets to people coming out of clubs. The wind whipped the blankets all over the place and were almost useless.

"One of Surviva’s products, the Surviva JAK, which had featured on Dragon’s Den in 2010, would have been much more suitable, so I decided to contact the coordinator in Torquay to see if we could help them. Working with Mrs Ros Ede, we developed a gillet style garment with a hood, which we call the body warmer, as the full Jak was too expensive a product for them.

"We produced some prototypes and trialled them, making minor adjustments to improve the fit. We also produced a front opening warmer with re-sealable tags to facilitate getting the ‘warmer’ on to people who were either too large or too inebriated to get the warmer over their head.
"Because we admire what the Street Pastor and Street Angel organisations do, we make these available at special prices to both organisations. Especially for Street Angels and Club Angels we would like them to know about the product. We are happy to make them available to other organisations too, who help the homeless and rough sleepers.

"Though the garments are designed for emergency situations they are robust and Street Pastor groups now have young ladies, especially, asking for them at the start of their night out and keeping them in their purses or handbags.

"They weigh just over two ounces and reflect almost all of the person’s body heat back into the body core to reduce the risk of hypothermia. They are wind and rain-proof too and fit snugly around the body enabling the individual’s hands and arm to be free to help themselves. They are a great aid to have, along with the flip flops and lollypops!"

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Do you volunteer with Street Pastors or Street Angels? Have you used any of Surviva's items? Let us know how effective you've found them – and whether you need any other products specifically for the work you do on the streets that others might want to develop ...

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