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Social action audits: churches get stuck in to find out their area's needs

Churches are falling over themselves to take part in faith action audit surveys run by Cinnamon Network …

Churches are falling over themselves to take part in faith action audit surveys run by Cinnamon Network …

Cinnamon Network communications officer David Simmons comments: "Six weeks ago, we had no idea whether the Cinnamon Faith Action Audit survey would be picked up by a few or by many. As it is, now only a handful of places remain for towns or cities who want to undertake an audit of faith-based social action in their local area.

"In the end, we have received a huge amount of interest, and more than 50 locations have committed to take part. We have decided to stretch so that we can squeeze in a few more!

"It has been a delight to talk with the leaders of town-wide church networks across the UK. Church leaders are constantly telling me that talking with their local authority, police and other agencies is high on their agenda. So many of you are already doing great work with social action projects. By throwing a light on this often hidden work, and by providing a quantitive evidence base, we are creating a solid platform upon which our relationships with local agencies can rest. 

"These statistics will enable all of us to have more significant conversations with our local civic partners.

"The next 10 days will see the final few places resolved. If you are still considering doing an audit and would like to take advantage of the package of support we offer – do get in touch right away."

If you are interested in being involved in your own Cinnamon Faith Action Audit, contact Cinnamon's National Audit Manager Anthony McKernan (pictured above). You can find out more by going to the Cinnamon Faith Action Audit page.

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