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After Craig met God: 'There's nothing in the world that could ever take me back'

Bringing people to a living faith in Jesus Christ is at the heart of Church Army’s ONE series of films and stories. Craig from Skelmersdale tells his story of leaving astrology and tarot cards to get to know God himself ...

Bringing people to a living faith in Jesus Christ is at the heart of Church Army’s ONE series of films and stories, celebrating how God is impacting people nationwide. Craig in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, was involved in astrology and tarot cards for years, but after reading the Bible came to know God for himself ...

“My mum loved astrology – she’d wake up in the mornings and the first thing she’d do is to read her horoscope in the newspaper, and she got me interested. About a year later I bought a magazine which came with free tarot cards and I was fascinated with them. I went on to study psychology, the ego, astrology and Buddhism and it led me to know there was more of a purpose to life.

“My wife and daughter started going to Oak House – a church on the Tanhouse estate where Church Army Evangelists, Peter and Lynne Bone are based – and they sometimes used to come back with a piece of paper about Jesus and I used to laugh and to say ‘give over, you don’t need someone like that. You can decide yourself what you want to do’.

“I wasn’t having it, I found it really funny. When I thought of Christians I thought of people who work, moan, go to church, come out happy and get back to normal again. That was a typical Christian to me.

“When I met Peter from Church Army he invited me over for a brew and to chat about what each other believed. So that’s how it started.

“But after reading things in the Bible with Peter I began to think ‘why shouldn’t there be a God?’ And as time went on I realised ‘of course there’s a God’ – and faith came into my life.

“I’d seen something in the Bible about needing to follow the narrow path, and all I could think about was how I’d been taking all these different paths in my life and I was going slower.

“As time went on I said to Peter: ‘I will ask God whether I should read tarot cards. If I hear a yes I will carry on reading them, if I don’t hear a yes I’ll stop.’ Since that day no-one has asked for a tarot card reading! It just stopped. In the end I said to Peter: ‘I’m not meant to read tarot cards. I don’t need to do them anymore.’

“Another amazing thing that has happened since I’ve put my trust in God is that my epilepsy has improved. I’ve had epilepsy since I was 15 – for more than 27 years – and I was having an average of two to 10 fits per month. For the past 18 months I haven’t had a fit!

“With Church Army it is so good to know there’s another side to church besides sitting there in a building. You’ve got to get out and do action. Church Army is always moving – always starting afresh and planting seeds – it’s like a river constantly moving, not like stagnant water gathering mould.

“There’s nothing in the world that could ever take me back to where I was before meeting God, nothing in the world.”

Craig continues to grow in his faith and is a member of Oak Church where he helps to lead the monthly all-age worship service. He is also involved in Oak Church’s men’s pool team, community café and film and chippie nights.

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