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Get on board with Christmas Starts with Christ

MIKE ELMS unpacks this year’s Christmas Starts With Christ campaign ...

MIKE ELMS unpacks this year’s Christmas Starts With Christ campaign

Over the last five years millions of people have been exposed to the message that ‘Christmas Starts with Christ’. A message proclaimed the length of the land on bus stop posters and giant billboards; on radio stations; in national newspapers and across a raft of social media.

Last year 4000+ churches joined in the campaign, enjoying an early Christmas gift by using the materials on the website.

Just like God’s gift of Jesus to us, all the materials are FREE, FREE, FREE and yours to use unconditionally when, where and however you like.

Some 22,000 posters were downloaded, customised and displayed on noticeboards and in house and shop windows to help promote local church services and activities. Many churches also downloaded the campaign logo to use on their own materials, and to incorporate into service invites and orders of service.  Around 9000 radio commercials were downloaded for use in services.

All for free.

Enterprising individuals used the logo to make their own gift tags and sticky labels to go on the reverse of their Christmas card envelopes, ensuring that all recipients of those gifts and cards saw the message that ‘Christmas Starts With Christ’.  The reason for the season.

Again, all for free.

And the great news is that the campaign is working. In a national survey, 52 per cent of the public said they liked the message that ‘Christmas Starts with Christ’. Amongst 18-24 year olds, the group many churches find hardest to reach, 41 per cent are aware of the campaign – with more than half of them saying it makes them think more about the true meaning of Christmas.

Why is all this so important? Because 51 per cent of the population say that the birth of Jesus is irrelevant to their Christmas. Only by Christians acting together, by and through God’s will, can anything be done about that. We have the responsibility; no-one else is going to do it for us.

So this year, why not help make the campaign bigger than ever before?

Visit the website and do your bit to help keep Christmas Christian. You’ll also find a range of CSWC products at

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