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Could you fund one of a million sight-saving operations?

The same amount of money you might spend on a meal out, could transform a life, writes Julie Jenner ...

The same amount of money you might spend on a meal out, could transform a life, writes Julie Jenner

In the poorest parts of the world, for many people, losing vision means losing their livelihood, independence, and ability to support their family.

But there is hope.

Charity Sightsavers is launching a new appeal, called A Million Miracles, to raise funds for one million sight-saving operations.

Fourteen years ago, Beatrice Kangwanga from Malawi lost her son and had to bring up her four grandchildren on her own. As if this wasn’t difficult enough, up until this summer, Beatrice also had cataracts in both eyes.

Her sight-loss meant she relied on her grandchildren to help at home and on the farm. Eight-year-old Dorothy often missed school to help farm maize.

Sightsavers found Beatrice and referred her for immediate surgery. Beatrice didn’t fear her operation. She drew strength from her faith and was confident she would get better.

Beatrice’s operation took under half an hour, and once her bandages were removed, she danced and sang, thanking God for taking care of her. It wasn’t long before the whole room was joining in and clapping!

“The best thing I’ve seen since my operation is my grandchildren. It’s wonderful to recognise them again after all this time.” She said afterwards. “I’m ecstatic to get back to normal life. I will be spreading the word myself, encouraging others to have their cataracts removed.”

Just £30 can save someone’s sight and transform a life; and, if you donate to Sightsavers before 31 December, the UK Government will double your donation, giving the gift of sight to twice as many people. Find out more at

Photo above: Peter Nicholls/Sightsavers

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