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London: Christian artist seeks crowdfunding for Baptised by Blood church installation

An artist and Holy Trinity Brompton member has launched a crowdfunding campaign to create an ambitious installation on religion and art ...

Artist Casey MacKenzie is taking over St Sepulchre’s Church in the City of London on 27 November 2014.  

Drawing from her personal experience as a Christian, she is planning an immersive, photography and mixed-media installation – exploring the concept of dying to oneself and the relationship between the institutions of religion and art.

To achieve her ambitious plans for the exhibition, she has launched a crowdfunding campaign Baptised by Blood: London on Kickstarter.

Hailing from California, Casey is a life-long Christian. During her 18 months in London, she has experienced a spiritual renaissance and splits her time between working, studying for an MA in Fashion Photography at London College of Fashion, and living out her faith.

An active member of Holy Trinity Brompton, she has immersed herself in the vibrant Christian community that exists in London – she is an active member of the 24-7 Prayer community at HTB, and is an inspirational community leader. She hopes to challenge the conception that religion and contemporary photographic art are mutually exclusive; by critically examining the role of religion in our everyday culture.

Baptised by Blood fuses Casey’s passions – this project is "intensely personal, there is no line where the art ends and I begin". Drawing on themes from Søren Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling, Casey will visually examine the of story Abraham and Isaac’s walk up Mount Moriah towards death and sacrifice.

Casey plans to fill St Sepulchre’s, a 15th century church, with large-scale artwork. In order to fully realise this project, she is launching the crowdfunding campaign. Making a pop-up installation of this size is ambitious –  if you would like to be involved and support Casey’s dynamic project, please help to spread the word.

Watch the video and back the campaign at

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