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Christian Legacy Week launches to inspire Christians to give in their wills

From today (Monday 13 October 2014) Christian Legacy are holding a week to encourage more Christians to leave a gift to charity in their wills ...

From today (Monday 13 October 2014) Christian Legacy are holding a week to encourage more Christians to leave a gift to charity in their wills.

Previous research has found that the majority of Christians have a will (80%), far higher than Brits in general – under one third of British people currently have a will. Despite this, only half of these Christians have included or are considering leaving a gift to a Christian cause in their will.

Many charities rely on legacy gifts to continue their work, but unfortunately the opportunity to continue to give generously and bring transformation through gifts in wills are often overlooked in Christian communities.

In research undertaken by Christian Legacy, Christians were far more likely to have heard teaching on tithing (60%) and regular giving (86%) than on legacy gifts, where less than a quarter of Christians had heard it mentioned by their church.

This Christian Legacy Week challenges Christians to consider what kind of legacy they are leaving behind for future generations,, and aims to inspire more people to add a gift in their will to a Christian cause to influence the world for the better after they die.

Christian Legacy, a partnership between seven large Christian charities, has undergone a rebrand and launched a new website to tie in with the initiative:

They are also offering free advice on how to write a will and leave a gift to charity. A free information pack is available on request via their website and the partner charities will be contacting supporters and church networks to raise awareness over the week.

Daniel Jones, from partner charity Stewardship, said: “We all know how important it is to give time and money to good causes. While many of us can be pretty sure our gifts given throughout our lives have saved lives, we often overlook the opportunity for us to continue to do good after we have died.

“As Christians, it is important to consider what kind of legacy we are leaving behind for others. Leaving a gift in your will is an incredibly powerful way of continuing to sow into God’s kingdom on Earth. Through your will you can continue to be part of the healing, transformation and hope that many Christian organisations bring to broken people and a broken world.

“Groups like Remember a Charity have done a brilliant job at raising awareness of the impact of legacy gifts on charities. Our work aims to complement this and challenge Christians in particular to consider how best they can bless others in their will.

"Christians, whether they leave a large or small gift to charity in their wills, can have a real impact, ensuring the good work of Christian charities continues and that the values of the donor continue beyond their lifetime.”


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